The importance of honesty

When seeking legal advice for any type of matter, it is crucial that you are honest and transparent with your lawyer.

Your lawyer will only be able to operate your file in the best way possible if you are honest with them.

For personal injury claims, clients often feel the need to hide previous injuries. Perhaps they feel that
the lawyer will not believe them if they have previous injuries that overlap with the current injuries being claimed.

This can be quite damaging to a case. Often both your solicitor and the opposing party will have to obtain a complete medical history. A history that predates your date of injury for your case.

It is crucial to understand that when a client hides these injuries, the opposing party will see that as something you are trying to hide and as a weakness in your case.

It is not uncommon to have had many injuries over your lifetime, even in the same areas.

Just because you had previous injuries in the same areas as your current injuries, that does not mean you are not entitled to compensation.

Lawyers call these type of injuries “exacerbated injuries”. Which means we know the injury was there previously but that the current incident has made the condition worse.

Honesty is crucial. There is no need to hide any previous injuries from your lawyer, your lawyer will do their best to obtain the best possible outcome for you. We are on your side.


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