Stories of hope

Every client has a unique story. The joy of working at YourLawyer is to walk along side our clients through this season of hope.

VOCAT recognition and assistance is a small affirmation that there are people who care. We are deeply grateful for those of you who work on the frontline in Victims Assistance Programs or as psychologists or in other forms of support. These stories may be familiar to you.

  • Our client “Patricia” was a victim of family violence. She wanted to undertake study to gain a professional qualification in a related field so that she could become an advocate and educate others. YourLawyer’s VOCAT application included a request for a laptop to aid our client achieve her educational goals. This young woman is determined to recover from the act of violence and to prevent others from becoming victims.

  • Stalking had reached a point for “Clare” where she felt she would never be safe if she stayed in Victoria, so she sought to move interstate. On her behalf YourLawyer applied to VOCAT for support to assist her through this stressful process. VOCAT provided financial assistance for counselling, home childcare, weighted blankets, reimbursement for relocation and storage costs and a holiday.

As each story is different, so the financial assistance provided by VOCAT is tailored for the specific circumstances of each client. We do not guarantee every client a laptop or a holiday but we will work with you to ensure that VOCAT understands the client’s needs and to seek assistance which is appropriate.


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