Are you looking to live or work in Australia?

That is great news! Welcome. You are going to need a visa during your stay. Navigating Australia’s immigration laws can be difficult. Fear not, we’re on your side.
Australia's Migration Framework

Australia’s migration legislation is complex and the regulations are constantly changing. Navigating the process can be daunting – working out which is the best visa for your cirumstances, evaluating the criteria, ensuring your application is valid and understanding your rights – YourLawyer is here to walk beside you.

Migration Agents & Lawyers

At YourLawyer we have lawyers and registered migration agents. We can help you with your visa application and provide you with immigration legal assistance.

Our migration advice and legal assistance includes:

  • Preparing a visa application
  • Advising about the visa application
  • Preparing for court proceedings in relation to an application
  • Representing a visa applicant in court proceedings in relation to an application
  • Preparing, advising or representing in relation to sponsorship applications
  • Preparing or advising in relation to requests to the Minister for Home Affairs
  • Acting for a visa or sponsor applicant in preparing for court proceedings in relation to an application
  • Acting for a visa or sponsor applicant in court proceedings in relation to an application

Australia’s migration system is complex and can be confusing. Let us help you get the best outcome.

Consumer Guide

The Australian government regulates migration agents through the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Only lawyers and OMARA-registered migration agents can lawfully provide migration advice in Australia. Registered migration agents are better qualified than most lawyers to give migration advice. Registered migration agents complete post-graduate study in migration law and must meet ongoing professional standards administered by OMARA.

Registered migration agents can assist at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Matters that need to go to court require the support of a lawyer to give advice that is not covered by a register migration agent. With a mix of lawyers and registered migration agents, YourLawyer can support you in your application through the entire process.

OMARA produces a Consumer Guide which explains what a registered migration agent does. You can download a copy of the Consumer Guide here.

How to seek assistance?

If you are looking for migration advice or legal assistance with applying for a visa, YourLawyer can help.