Hate crime on the rise during COVID outbreak

According to the University of Sydney Law  School,  there  has  been  a  rise  in  the  incidence  of  hate  crimes  against  international    students    and    Asian    Australians.   Crimes   reported   have   included  physical  and  verbal  abuse  and racist graffiti and vandalism.

The  Australian  Hate  Crime  Network  (AHCN) reports that COVID-19 has also influenced  hate  crimes  against  other targets in the Jewish, Muslim, disabled and  LGBTIQ+  communities.  Many  of  these  crimes  have  been  committed  on  the  internet,  with  the  sharing  of  various  racist  images,  comments  and  hashtags related to COVID-19.

There  remains  a  lack  of  consistent,  official and centralised data on these incidents. Due to this, the AHCN states that  it  is  difficult  to  know  whether hate  crime  incidents  have  increased  due  to  COVID-19.  Hate  crime  is  an  underreported category of violence, as most state police forces in Australia do not collect data on it.


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